Join me for 8 weeks of “Yoga, Anatomy, and Weights”

🌟 Discover the transformative journey of “Yoga, Anatomy, and Weights” with me over the course of 8 weeks! 🌟

Did you know that muscle mass and bone density naturally decline as we age, starting as early as our 30s and 40s? This decline accelerates, especially for women during menopause, leading to potential loss rates of up to 8% of muscle mass per year.

But fear not! There’s empowering news: You can combat this decline by incorporating weight and body resistance training into your routine!

That’s precisely why I’ve crafted this comprehensive 8-week course, blending the best of yoga, anatomy, and weight training to empower you on your health journey.

🧘‍♀️ Dive into a curated series of yoga asanas, meticulously designed to help preserve muscle mass and bone density.
🧠 Immerse yourself in mindfulness practices that anchor your attention to the present moment, fostering awareness and stress management for a calm, focused mind.
🧘‍♂️ Embrace the power of light weight training to increase muscle mass and bone density, all in a gentle, supportive environment.

Join me as we invest in your health together!

– Each week, we’ll kick off with a brief anatomy lesson, empowering you with knowledge to better understand and care for your body.
– Then, we’ll seamlessly transition into a blended yoga and weight training session.
– No need for powerlifting prowess here – our focus is on gentle, deliberate movements that can be adapted to seated, standing, or floor exercises.

📆 Secure your spot now for our Tuesday sessions at 9am CST (10EST/8MST/7PST), starting April 2nd .

What’s included:
– Live participation in all 8 classes, with lifetime access to recordings for your convenience.
– A comprehensive workbook to accompany our lessons, empowering you to take notes and track your progress.
– A personal journal for introspection and self-discovery along the way.

Embark on this empowering 8-week journey with me, and let’s nurture your body, mind, and spirit together! 🌿💪🧘‍♀️

Tuesday’s at 9am CST (10EST/8MST/7PST)

April 2 – Rotator Cuff
April 9 – Hip Joint
April 16 – Elbows & Wrists
April 23 – Feet & Ankles
April 30 – TMJ
May 7 – SI Joint
May 14 – Hips & Quads
May 28 – Knees

All sessions will be live via Zoom, with a recording available within 24 hours after each session.

  • Please allow up to one hour per session to allow for group discussion after each practice.
  • No previous yoga or weight experience necessary.
  • All levels are encouraged to join me to experience a slower, gentler, more intentional practice.

in an effort to keep this training series accessible to all, I have created a Pay What You Choose payment option.
$10 peace
$25 love
$50 joy
$75 full price
$100 supporter (covers yourself and supports part of someone else’s training)

Choose Your Payment

OPTIONAL The Chair Yoga Pocket Guide — ADD-ON $15
Add-on my book The Chair Yoga Pocket Guide. This book is not necessary, but can enhance your yoga and learning experience. Also includes two Chair Yoga videos to complement your learning. US shipping only.
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Add-on a set of 7 crystals for the chakras, lovingly charged with Reiki by me. These are not necessary, but can be a fun way to enhance your yoga experience. US shipping only.
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