——–> Begins August 1, 2023 <——–



The purpose of this reboot is to challenge you to ditch some unhealthy nutrition habits in order to kickstart a healthier lifestyle (and to keep you on track afterwards!)


This reboot will help you:
— clear up brain fog
— fight fatigue
— heal your gut
— boost your immune system
— regulate your hormones



Each week is geared towards helping you ditch a bad habit, and add better nutrition habits and choices to your daily life. Each week builds upon the last to help you develop stronger nutrition habits.

WEEK 1 – Drink only zero calorie beverages
WEEK 2 – Add a green smoothie or raw veggies
WEEK 3 – Swap out the white stuff (sugar, flour, rice)
WEEK 4 – Ditch the dairy


– Weekly zoom lessons
– Daily email support to inspire you to stay on track
– Weekly cheat sheets
– A detailed workbook
– Habit tracking worksheet
– Goal tracking worksheet
– Recipes
– Private FB group to share homework and interact with other reboot members
– Direct access to ME in our private FB group
– Live Q&A sessions in private FB group
– Recordings of all lessons and Q&A calls


$17 ROOT (you need a little financial assistance)
$27 HEART (full price)
$37 CROWN (covers your reboot, and helps pay for part of someone else’s)

Choose Your Option

I think we all understand that exercise is important in burning-off cortisol (stress hormone). But it’s also important to understand that high-intensity cardio workouts can keep some folks stuck in fight-or-flight instead of brining them back into rest-and-digest.

This is where slow, gentle, chair yoga can be highly beneficial for folks who are struggling to find the right regimen in maintaining exercise but without over-exercising.

Cortisol is a tricky little hormone. It’s important in keeping us safe, however, many folks find themselves stuck in a cycle of being in constant fight-or-flight. This can cause you to feel anxious, stressed, and frustrated. It can also help your body store fat because it is trying to protect you.

Oftentimes, these folks turn to exercise to try to burn off their stress, and what they’re actually doing is producing more cortisol because the body is already hyper-vigilant and thinks that exercise is actually your way of telling it to stay aware (ward off predators, so-to-speak).

When we turn to slow, gentle, chair yoga we are allowing our body to relax and turn off the cortisol response. Pranayama (breath work) is the mainline into the autonomic nervous system and can help us come back into a parasympathetic state (rest-and-digest). This allows us to calm down and turn off the extra chatter in our bodies and minds.

Chair yoga is NOT just for the elderly … it is for anyone who is trying to calm their nervous system — and especially folks with hormonal imbalance. Your current style of yoga or exercise may actually be the culprit in keeping you stuck in sympathetic nervous system (fight-or-flight).

Ready to try chair- based yoga?

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