Driftless Yoga Festival 
Saturday, June 24th

River Valley Yoga Festival
Friday, September 22nd


In these immersive sessions, we will explore ways to incorporate chair yoga into your practice. Whether you want to teach chair-based yoga classes, or you want to incorporate the chair into your regular practice, there will be something for everyone in this workshop.

I believe that every single yoga teacher should know how to instruct a student in a chair and help them navigate class in an accessible and compassionate way. Yoga is an individual journey, even though we often practice as a group. My hope is that this workshop will help you learn the basics of chair yoga so you have the confidence to assist a student in class who may need a different way of doing yoga. 

There is already too much of a stigma around yoga that you have to be skinny and bendy, and able to get into impossible poses to participate. That is most certainly not true. Remember, asana is only one limb of yoga, and is often the first way folks experience it.  If we can make it more accessible to everyone, we have an opportunity to raise the collective vibration of the Universe, and allow individuals to THRIVE.


Purchase The Chair Yoga Pocket Guide to accompany your training: https://py.pl/1GsVpT