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An immersive, year-long journey awaits you in our monthly mastermind group crafted exclusively for wellness entrepreneurs. Join us to connect with kindred spirits, ignite fresh ideas, conquer challenges, and skyrocket your growth potential! 🌟

Are you a passionate wellness entrepreneur ready to level up your game? Imagine a year-long experience that’s your secret weapon to achieving extraordinary growth, sparking innovation, and forging powerful connections in the world of wellness.

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🚀 Why Join Our Mastermind?

In this exclusive year-long journey, we’re bringing together a group of passionate wellness entrepreneurs just like you. Say goodbye to going it alone and hello to:

🤝 Networking Magic: Forge meaningful connections with fellow wellness trailblazers, creating a support system that’s second to none.

💡 Innovative Insights: Ignite your creativity with a constant stream of fresh ideas and strategies that’ll set your wellness venture apart.

🔥 Pain Point Solutions: Tackle your biggest challenges head-on, with guidance and wisdom from those who’ve walked the path before you.

💥 Explosive Growth: Witness your business flourish as you implement proven techniques, receive feedback, and stay ahead of industry trends.

🌈 What Awaits You:

📅 Monthly Deep Dive Sessions: Immerse yourself in focused discussions, addressing everything from marketing breakthroughs to operational excellence.

🧠 Expert Guidance: Benefit from the collective brilliance of  other wellness entrepreneurs who’ve carved their niche in the industry.

🎯 Tailored Solutions: Our guided problem-solving sessions are designed to obliterate your roadblocks and unveil pathways to success.

🤩 Mastermind Magic: Harness the power of group brainstorming, accountability, and inspired action to amplify your impact.

🎉 Your Time to Shine is Now! 🎉

Ready to invest in yourself and your wellness venture? This Wellness Entrepreneurs Mastermind is your passport to unlocking boundless potential.
Join a community where your dreams are celebrated and your success is inevitable.


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We start October 4th
We will meet the first Wednesday of the month from either 9-11am or 2-4pm CST
If you’re not able to attend one of the monthly gatherings, you can send someone else from your biz in your place.
Limited spots available to ensure an intimate and impactful experience.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Seize your chance to transform your wellness business and join us in creating a thriving community of wellness entrepreneurs.

Let’s write the next chapter of your success story, together.


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Are you ready to launch your business into an era of innovation and success that’s truly cosmic?


The transformative force of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is sweeping across industries, reshaping landscapes, and opening limitless horizons for those who dare to embrace it. Don’t let the cosmic tide pass you by – join us in this AI revolution and unlock the boundless potential of AI tools!


🌌 Why Choose My AI Mastery Course? 🌌


⏱ Transform Minutes into Magic: Bid farewell to those endless hours spent on content creation, repurposing, market research, and crafting client demographics. Our Master Course reveals the secrets to achieving all this and more, in mere minutes!

🧠 Awaken Infinite Creativity: Picture a reality where captivating content, stunning visuals, and compelling stories flow forth effortlessly, guided by the hand of AI. Our course empowers you to push beyond the limits of ordinary thinking, venturing into realms of creativity yet unexplored.

📈 Launch into Orbit: AI is more than a buzz – it’s a trajectory changer. Learn to harness AI tools to predict market trends, decode customer behaviors, and make data-fueled choices that’ll catapult your business into the fast lane of success.

🎓 Beginner-Friendly Brilliance: Tailored for entrepreneurs with little to no prior AI knowledge, our course caters to all experience levels. Starting from the cosmic basics, we’ll elevate your understanding to masterful AI techniques.

🚀 Pioneering the Future: The AI-powered future has arrived. By enrolling in our AI Mastery Course, you’re not just learning; you’re future-proofing your skills, ensuring you’ll be at the forefront of an ever-evolving technological cosmos.


🔥 Discover the Cosmic Curriculum 🔥

🤖 Embarking on AI: Decode AI concepts and witness their real-world applications.

🔮 Voyage into AI Tools: Master essential AI tools for content crafting, data analysis, and automation.

📊 Data’s Universe: Harness data’s power for insightful business decisions.

💡 Cosmic Creativity: Ignite unique ideas, designs, and content aligned with your audience’s essence.

📈 Pioneering Growth: Implement AI-crafted strategies to scale your business to extraordinary heights.


Amy’s course on AI was fascinating. I loved how she demonstrated the various applications, and not only walked through how to use them, but demonstrated live how to go back and forth between the applications to show how you can use more than one to create your final product. Amy not only really knew her stuff, but was so good at clearly explaining everything to those of us new to AI.   Lynn Garthwaite, author


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LIVE via Zoom October 26th and 27th from 2-4CST

🌟 Investment: $57 for this immersive two-part workshop
🌟 Recording Stardust: receive all of the recording with access for one month.


Amy’s Ai Mastery Course provided me with valuable insights and the confidence to explore AI further. The course introduced us to a wide range of AI tools and showcased their incredible potential across various applications. I want to express my gratitude to Amy for guiding us toward enhancing our proficiency in this evolving realm of AI. – Kate Dennison

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